If it were at all possible, I would sit down with each of you to share some of the exciting recent events at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church. In doing so, I know you would sense, as I have, that God is leading His church as we are walking together in His grace.

The ministries of Pioneer Drive are a blessing to our church body and to families and individuals beyond our congregation. God continues to bring new children, youth, college students, and adults to be a part of our Sunday School and worship services. People are trusting Christ and being baptized. Yet, just as with the early church in the Book of Acts, with growth there come challenges. Since our current monthly offerings must be used for our ministry and operating budget, we must now focus on a strategy to maintain the positive mission, vision and ministry of Pioneer Drive.

Pioneer Possibility is the name chosen for our stewardship campaign. We believe that with God leading us, this ministry will meet the financial needs of our church. As part of Pioneer Possibility, every household is asked to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment—over and above our ongoing tithes and offerings—to be given over the next three years. These additional gifts will ultimately fund the renovations and expansion of our adult Sunday School space and help our discipleship ministry move forward. Pioneer Possibility is an important step toward our future, and your involvement directly impacts its success.

Let me encourage your attendance in worship on Sunday, January 26. During this special worship service, you will learn more about our building program and our Pioneer Possibility campaign. We will discuss the importance of church-wide prayer during this crucial time, and we will share timely information about our church and its future ministry.

These are exciting days of decision for Pioneer Drive. Let us commit to seek and act in accordance with God’s will. Let us march forward together in faith for His glory.

Grace to you,

Pastor John Whitten