We have an opportunity to lay a foundation for the next fifty-plus years of faithfulness. At Pioneer Drive, we are dedicated to the education of God’s truth and Word. We engage in passionate, corporate celebration. In these acts of worship, individual transformation occurs. And when lives are changed, families and communities are changed in radical multiplication of God’s love and grace. We have an attitude of collaboration that allows for our blessings to bless others.


Despite our best intentions, our Sunday morning geography and traffic patterns have created two unique worshipping congregations. Moving forward, we will reintegrate our multigenerational fellowship in one shared space. In one shared space, we re-invite our diverse neighbors into an area of safety and sanctuary. Intentionally designed spaces allow us to collaborate with civic, academic, cultural, and economic leaders in our community. We innovate for the Big Country. We are a regional church, and our spaces reflect God’s love for people in this area.


When we are gone, we will be remembered as disciple-making disciples through our spiritual children and grandchildren. We have a well-established history of participating in the learner-leader-learner cycle. We grow and develop visionary influencers and continue to amplify this process. Rundown and unkept facilities will prohibit our ability to reach the generations who follow. We need modern spaces and innovative servants. The people who carry this out need compassionate and courageous hearts. These virtues compel them to enormous faith and God-sized risks.


It’s there in our name. We are pioneers. This is who God has called us to be. It’s what He’s called us to do. Are we going to respond in faith, or will we be the generation that wanders in the wilderness, wiped from the memory of history because of fear and inaction? God returns us to shared callings.